Modular Classroom Furniture Manufacturer In Patna

Our Clients are saying Sri Ram Manufacturing is the best place for all types of Modular classroom furniture manufacturer in Patna and nearby zone. It’s our honor to provide you excellent quality school desk and benches.

Our School furniture’s are design and manufacture with new generation machine and tools, under the guidance of an experienced team. We are pride Modular school furniture manufacturers in Patna. Our school furniture has a wide and variety of School furniture. Our well-known classroom furniture is a single desk series, Dual Desk, S.S Bench, Bench and Desk, library furniture, laboratory furniture, cafeteria furniture, and computer tables, conference tables, and many more…

Many factors that make our Modular School furniture better are, we take care of good quality, making our products long-living and flexible with shape, size, and genuine quality. The school furniture must be Strong, Modern, safe, ergonomic, and affordable. Sri Ram Manufacturing, Patna’s largest school furniture manufacturer and school desks supplier ensures that all these qualities are taken into attention when manufacturing the school furniture.

Furniture from their School category is the perfect addition to any school, which meets the parameter of comfort for both students and facilitators. Deploying innovational technique, Sri Ram Manufacturing produces varieties of school equipment for the library, classrooms, activity area, hostels, staff rooms, laboratory, etc. The Modular school furniture of Sri Ram Manufacturing is designed by skilled manufactured and designer using modern machines and top quality materials. At Sri Ram Manufacturing, the School desk and benches are designed to facilitate schools with the attributes of durability and finest usage.

Our best feature of classroom furniture’s are:

• Modular School Dual desk: Our Dual desk and bench have high demand in our region. It’s our duty to supply you best dual desk and bench for your school. Sri Ram Manufacturing is a leading classroom furniture manufacturer in Patna. Fulfilling the school’s dream to have an awesome School look.

• Modular Single desk series: We manufacture a wide variety of Single desk classroom furniture. We understand the problems of school and students about School Furniture. That’s why we are helping the school to have Better and modernized Classroom furniture.

• Genuine Library Furniture: Library is a very important place for any school or college. Give your library a new look by Sri Ram Manufacturing Modular Library Furniture. Its Long living and Quality product of Sri Ram Manufacturing, one of the best-known classroom furniture manufacturer in Patna.

Our other modular school furniture is also having great specification in all types of parameters. Our school bench and desk are very liked by many schools due to its accuracy and its superior quality. Popular Classroom furniture manufacturer in Patna, Sri Ram Manufacturing is promised you to supply you with advanced quality school furniture. Just Contact with Sri Ram Manufacturing Now, Call On this No. +91 9234847280

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